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Golden Raspberry and Apache Chilli Vinegar Recipes

Happy National Cocktail Day


Chick 'n' Club's famous cocktail made with WOmersley Golden Raspberry and Apache Chilli Vinegar


Gin, sugar, Womersley Golden Raspberry and Chilli Vinegar, vermouth, sour, crumbled raspberries

In Dalston, London E8, you will find the perfect place to spend National Cocktail Day with friends at the trendy Chick 'n' Sours. And, when you go, be sure to enjoy their best cocktail, the Chick 'n' Club, which is made with our Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Vinegar. But, I warn you, as drinking vinegars go, this is dangerously drinkable!

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5 Nov @LoveFoodFest Lorna Knapman @WomersleyFoods Ned is loving the golden raspberry and apache chilli dressing I bought from you. We are having a winter salad with it: not bad for a 6 yr old who hates chilli ;) he's converted! Thank you!

30 Oct @HollyBellMummy Holly Bell I can thoroughly recommend the chilli infused vinegar by @WomersleyFoods as a fine ingredient in a spicy mint sauce. Yum.

11 Oct @BlackSheepBeer BlackSheep @WomersleyFoods they look amazing! Added some of your golden rasp and apache chilli to a salsa on Sat pm with scallops..... Yummy!

6 Oct @TandCakeCafe T&Cake Simmering some juniper berries in @WomersleyFoods Chilli & Raspberry vinegar, ready for immersing our Kitchen Garden beetroot in.

23 Aug @josordoni Lynne Clark I am seriously in love with orzo salad, drenched in @WomersleyFoods Raspberry & apache vinegar

5 Aug @leafhsetherapy Veronica Hayes Had yum beetroot baked in foil w @womersleyfoods vinegar plus some oil from sundried toms bottle for fab flavour last night ..Mmmmm

30 Jul ‏@fly276 KC @WomersleyFoods yummmm-o


4 Jul ‏@LeftSideWorks Matthew Day @WomersleyFoods dinner tonight... Normally just splash a bit of white wine on, but used vinegar before and after cooking... Result!

4 Jul ‏@LeftSideWorks Matthew Day @WomersleyFoods I take your play on a Terry's ChocOrange and raise you a baked camembert sprinkled with Rasp and Chilli with thyme flowers!

4 Jul ‏@laurajoyhawk Laura Hawkhead @WomersleyFoods Since discovering your golden raspberry and chilli dressing @BBCGoodFoodShow, we haven't looked back! Fantastic!

4 Jul @LeftSideWorks Matthew Day ‏ @WomersleyFoods marinate it in raspberry and apache chilli vinegar... Eat it... Everything tastes good with your vinegar... Doesn't it?!?

11 Jun ‏@malaguista 243 Peter Evans @WomersleyFoods Added some Golden Raspberry & Apache to some Hummus... Made a world of difference. Added sweetness was a bonus.

7 Jun ‏@malaguista243 Peter Evans Just lunched on a Chip Butty. OK, So it was flavoured with @Halen_Mon Salt; @WomersleyFoods Raspberry & Chilli dressing & Pecorino!

1 June @RobGreenchef GREEN'S RESTAURANT #womersleywednesday Todays top tip! Before BBQing meat and vegetable skewers, marinate in your fave vinegar for 2 hours.... The sugar content in the vinegar will caramelise your skewers to perfection!

29 May ‏@malaguista243 Peter Evans @WomersleyFoods @fly276 Not tried that (lime in batter mix). Will do. Gets my vote in a Pork stir fry, though. And mayo, made with Apache is awesome!

29 May ‏@fly276 KC And on todays healthy CrunchySnack of raw green pepper, cauliflower & cucumber: it's @WomersleyFoods Golden Raspberry & Apache chilli vinegar

28 May ‏@LeftSideWorks Matthew Day @MelissaFoodie plain... or with added extras? I've become a big fan of @WomersleyFoods chilli and raspberry vinegar, with shallot, with mine

25 May ‏@shenasseeds Shena Cooper Why I like to come home. loved #rhschelsea but u can't beat fresh leaves 4 lunch with touch of @WomersleyFoods vinegar


23 May @HollyBellMummy Holly Bell ‏ Razzamataz ribs with some gorgeous @WomersleyFoods vinegar! http://www.recipesfromanormalmum.com/2012/05/22/razzamatazz-ribs/

15 May ‏@OFKitchen Old Foundry Kitchen How about a Roast Pepper & Goats Cheese salad drizzled with some delicious @WomersleyFoods Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Dressing?


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We are seeing stars, GOLD STARS!
Following some very helpful feedback from all of you, we have been spending a lot of time over the past few months adjusting our recipes so that they are all more fruity and less sweet. We have reduced the sugar we add by around a quarter. It was these recipes that we entered into the Great Taste Awards this year with the intention of getting feedback BEFORE going into full production. We hope to have our whole range available in these new recipes before the end of the year so that you can indulge yourself in time for Christmas!
Watch the video made by BBC Radio 2's Nigel Barden on our Home Page.

With remarks from the judges such as those below, it seems we are thinking along the right lines!
Golden Raspberry and Apache Chilli Vinegar wins Great Taste Gold

Golden Raspberry and Apache Chilli Vinegar won Gold***

Top 50 Foods and The Nigel Barden Heritage Award and Golden Fork Award 

"Crystal clear vinegar aroma of both raspberry and chilli. Good sweetness level. A perfect balance of raspberry and chilli allowing the the vinegar flavour to come through as well."
"This vinegar has a wonderful aroma. You can smell the raspberries and chilli. The vinegar is light in colour. This vinegar has a wonderful flavour. The raspberry is on the front of the palate followed by the warmth of the chilli which is gentle but builds nicely. We loved this product..."
Raspberry Vinegar wins Great Taste Gold

Raspberry Vinegar won Gold***

"A beautiful coloured vinegar with a lovely clarity. The raspberry aroma is incredible. The raspberry flavour and sweetness come through beautifully at the front of the palate before the acidity of the vinegar kicks in. The balance of this vinegar between sweetness and acidity is just perfect. The judges were all very excited about this product."

Orange and Mace wins Great Taste Award Gold

Orange and Mace won Gold*

"We like this - good balance of acidity from the vinegar and a freshness from the orange. The mace nips in at the finish in a very pleasant way."
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"Cinder toffee is made with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in the mix. They react together so it froths before it sets into millions of little bubbles. Usually any taste of vinegar is neutralised, leaving you with a buttery toffee flavour. So when I tasted Womersley's Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Vinegar this is the recipe, I have experimented with to introduce a little heat and sweetness. I use this for Bonfire night, when you are waiting for the fireworks, and to eat a little home made sweet to pass the time away."

Cinder Toffee


50g salted butter
300ml water
4 teaspoons Womersley Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli vinegar dressing
3 tablespoons golden syrup
450g granulated sugar
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)


Grease the baking tin with butter.
Heat the butter, water and Womersley vinegar in an extra large saucepan as the mixture does rise, and using a sugar thermometer. 
Heat until butter is melted.
Stir in the sugar and golden syrup, heat until dissolved.
Stop stirring, bring back to boil.
Boil until thermometer reads hard crack stage 154°C or else it may sink after rising.
Remove toffee from the heat and gently stir in bicarbonate of soda until bubbles are calm.
Pour mixture into greased pan, cool for 10-20 minutes.
Break toffee into pieces.
Notes: Thank you to Sarah Finn for this recipe and do have a look at her excellent website with lots of tips for "Growing, Cooking, Eating on a Budget." There are lots more recipes for you there. Sarah has worked all over the country, cooking and waiting in 5 star hotels, racecourses and havscontinued to train in various aspects of food and wine up to a Diploma in Wine and Hotel & Catering Management. Follow Sarah on Twitter.
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LOOK!! We're not the only ones to be Botanically Enthused: Fiona Sciolti has developed a great reputation as an inventive Artisan chocolatier who uses herbs in her garden and many other local flavours including teas and honey.
Fiona is half Italian and she certainly combines that famous Italian passion with a good palate to produce beautiful and delicious chocolates, many of them seasonal.
Fiona Sciolti

The last time I saw the beautiful Sciolti chocolates was at Bath Love Food Fest, where Giles Sciolti was joined by their daughter to show off the chocolates Fiona had stayed up till 4am making!

The Sciolti Display  

Earlier this year, Fiona approached us with the idea of using our flavours for her chocolates and we are delighted that she has now made three different varieties which Fiona describes:




Rosemary & Blackcurrant

Womersley are to vinegars and jellies, what I am to chocolates.  They grow and use natural English flavours to infuse into their amazing range.  This is the second of three chocolates that I have created especially for Womersley, combining their Apple & Rosemary Jelly and enhanced with their Blackcurrant & Rosemary Vinegar to create a chocolate cleverly matched and packed full of surprising flavour.

Dandelion & Apache Chilli Vinegar

A chocolate with humour! Never mind all these lovely herbs and blossoms and fruits found in the garden; I figured we had way too many dandelions. Dandelions have been used for cooking for thousands of years and in Italy the new leaves are harvested for salads. However, in my chocolate, I've incorporated the beautiful yellow petals, and you'll see them running through the ganache, like strands of saffron. Team this with Womersley's stunning Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Vinegar Dressing, to sharpen it up a little, and suddenly you have honey from a weed.



The third in the trilogy of Womersley/ Sciolti Botanical Chocolates. Actually I have been hunting pelagoniums all Summer long... they're surprisingly difficult to find.  Anyway Womersley conveniently helped me out with their stunning Geranium Jelly, with it's sensual and fragrant Turkish Delight tones. I love this one, and as a thank you, have decored the chocolate with a lustred Womersley W.

You can see all these and more on the Sciolti Chocolate website, where you can buy your own. Just type in "Womersley" in the search box. Also, do have a read of Andy Hunting's blog piece on Fiona's use of our vinegars in her chocolates.
Like us, Fiona does Food shows (we will both be at The Festival of Pride this weekend, near Newark, Notts.)

Go on, give yourself a double dose of Botanical Enthusiasm... 

Note: Many thanks to Fiona and Giles Sciolti for their help in providing photos and words for this post.

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On a lovely warm, sunny day in April, we welcomed Sheila Dillon and Dilly Barlow to my mother's house to record part of a special programme they recorded on Vinegars. We were also joined by Seafood Chef of the Year 2009, Rob Green.

Rob Green, Sheila Dillon, Rupert Parsons  

On a break from his excellent restaurant, Green's of Whitby, Rob cooked the most amazing dishes to tempt us all and here they are, in full for you now:

Oysters with red onion and
Womersley Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Dressing
1 small red onion
4 oysters
50ml Golden raspberry and Apache chilli vinegar
Finely dice the red onion and marinade in the vinegar for at least 1 hour
Open oysters and spoon over the dressing and onions

Smoked salmon with fresh herb salad and
Womersley Lime, Black Pepper & Lavender dressing
Use a quality smoked salmon for this dish.
Mixed garden herbs (chives, parsley, thyme) dressed with a little virgin oil
Lime, black pepper and lavender vinegar to taste

Slice the smoked salmon thinly, sprinkle over the herbs and drizzle over the dressing. Leave to stand at room temperature for around half an hour. 
The action of the Lime dressing on the smoked salmon makes it really succulent and brings out a fabulous flavour in the salmon.

Hot smoked Whitby Seafish salmon with English asparagus and Hollandaise made with
Womersley Lemon, Basil, Bay & Juniper Dressing

Serves 2 as a starter
Had to snap this fast, it was eaten in seconds!
1x 250g fillet of hot smoked salmon
8 English asparagus spears, washed and trimmed

For the hollandaise

250g melted unsalted butter
2x egg yolks
75 ml Womersley Lemon, Basil, Bay & Juniper dressing

Place the salmon fillet in a pre-heated oven (180°C)
The salmon is already cooked, so we are just gently warming it through.
Place the Asparagus in a pan of boiling salted water and cook for 2-3 mins until just tender, sprinkle with sea salt and keep warm.
Whisk the egg yolks and dressing in a small mixing bowl over the pan of water which we used to cook the asparagus until it starts to thicken and go slightly pale. Slowly whisk in the melted butter until you have a thick rich hollandaise.

Place two of the asparagus spears on a serving plate and half the oak smoked salmon on top.
Place two more asparagus spears on the salmon and spoon over the hollandaise.

Sautéed Whitby queen scallops with Yorkshire chorizo, spring onions & chilli with aWomersley Cherry Vinegar butter sauce.

Serves 4
32 Queen Scallops, shucked, cleaned and washed. Wash and reserve the shells
¼ of a Yorkshire chorizo diced
3 Spring onions, sliced
1 Green chilli sliced, seeds removed
25g Cold, unsalted butter, cubed
75ml Womersley Cherry vinegar
Virgin oil for cooking
Pre heat a non stick pan over a high heat. Add a little oil and wait until it starts to gently smoke. Carefully add the queen scallops. Leave for 30 seconds then add the spring onions, chorizo and chillies. Toss the pan and sauté for another 30 seconds. Remove from the pan and keep warm.
De-glaze the pan with the cherry vinegar and reduce by ½. Remove from the heat and whisk in the butter.
Place the scallop sauté mixture into the shells on a serving plate and spoon over the cherry vinegar butter reduction.

Marinated strawberries with ground black pepper and
Womersley Strawberry & Mint dressing
Wash and chop the strawberries in half. 
Cover with strawberry and mint vinegar and a few grinds of black pepper. 
Leave the strawberries at room temperature for 20 mins before serving. 
This is particularly good for slightly under-ripe strawberries as the action of the vinegar makes them lovely and sweet and tender.
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