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Strawberry Mint

Ever since Dr Morgaine Gaye enthusiastically suggested in January on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch that our vinegars are excellent drinking vinegars, we have seen a lot of interest from cocktail bars and health enthusiasts, all looking for that "next elixir." But I was particularly delighted to hear from Chris Galvin of Galvin Restaurants that they wanted to explore the idea of using our vinegars in an alternative to alcoholic cocktails. And this week, Group Head Chef, Kevin Tew, kindly sent me the results of their trials:

Galvin "Pimms"

It’s Pimms but not as you know it…


This is the Galvin version of the classic drink, only alcohol free…

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14 Oct @HomeSmithsJax Jacqui Smith @WomersleyFoods Well that's what I tend to use it most for. Also love the strawberry & mint over roasted butternut squash and feta salad ;P

11 Aug @HomeSmithsJax Jacqui Smith @FieldAndForrest Made myself a Feta, chickpea, mint & spring onion salad last night used @WomersleyFoods Strawberry & Mint vinegar - was fab

29 June @RobGreenchef GREEN'S RESTAURANT #womersleywednesday This weeks tip. Easy! pour Strawberry & Mint Dressing and Black pepper onto strawberries for a taste of Wimbledon

10 Jul@JonWe11ington Jon Wellington Scones filled with @WomersleyFoods strawberry and mint infused cream is AMAZING!!

1 Jul ‏@adambaseyfood Adam Basey @WomersleyFoods used it in a fennel purée. It's great with strawberries and fresh mint too

26 Jun@matkiwi Mat Follas My kids reckon my cooked bananas, nutella and @WomersleyFoods strawberry & mint dressing should be on the restaurant menu!

21 Jun@YasminLimbert  Yasmin Limbert @WomersleyFoods Panna Cotta with Strawberry & Mint http://yasminlimbert.blogspot.com/2012/06/strawberry-pannacotta.html?spref=tw


24 May@the_a_stevenson Andrew Stevenson Is it wrong to pour @WomersleyFoods strawberry and mint vinegar over vanilla ice cream? Don't be silly, it could be what it's made for. Surely it's made for ice cream? ;-) Like good old-fashioned raspberry dash. Now trying it in a martini as it's gin o'clock

17 May @leepatchef lee patrick A salad of cucumber melon and tomatoes marinated in @WomersleyFoods strawberry and mint vinegar. @yeoldsuncolton http://pic.twitter.com/tlpB9D0y



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We had the most beautiful day in Thame on September 24th. The large crowds enjoyed a fabulously sunny day and many exhibitors sold out! 
The Ubiquitous Tasty Food Festival Hog Roast
One of the down sides of being a food producer at a food festival, is that we usually don't get the opportunity to get around and see the other exhibitors. At Thame, however, I was very lucky to have help from Annie's Kitchen, Just Biscuits and Sainsbury's chef who all spent a while on my stand while I stocked up on tasters, took a few snaps, spoke to a few visitors and went to see some other excellent displays from Charlie Beldam of Cotswold Gold, Robert from GranaryDeli, and No2 Pound Street (basking in the glory of their new Award for Best New Cheese Retailer, 2011). 
Some Button cheeses at No2 Pound Street  


Lotte Duncan
Lotte Duncan's fairy cakes
The Patron of Thame food festival is Lotte Duncan, pictured right, who also has a fabulous food shop and loves using our vinegars and dressings in her salads. Lotte took time out from being on her stand to give the audience a demonstration using some local ingredients and included our Strawberry and Mint Dressing on her dish which ensured lots of visitors to our stand wanting to repeat the dish themselves with one of our bottles! 
Opposite me, there was a fine Paella cooking for much of the day, so at least I got a great lunch!
 I was amazed at how many people had seen the first episode of Nigel Slater's new TV series, Simple Cooking, in which Nigel made a Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Salad with some Raspberry Vinegar. Needless to say, I made sure we had plenty of Raspberry Vinegar on our stand, which proved to be just as well! You can find his recipe on the BBC website and even see it again on iplayer.
A bustling Thame, full of food lovers


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