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Lime Black Pepper Lavender


19 Nov @charjoe charjoe Making vanilla pannacotta, served w blackberries macerated in @WomersleyFoods lime, black pepper and lavender vinegar. Added home made Creme de cassis too. @jammymich @DarlingVonnydark. Damned nice!


6 Nov @Buff_Baker Simon Blackwell Baked a vegan lemon drizzle cake and used @WomersleyFoods Lime, Black Pepper and Lavender dressing to stunning effect. Will be at NEC

10 Oct @roystonandhayes Veronica Hayes thinking some nice sea bass with prawns and a dash of some fab @WomersleyFoods Lime dressing to jazz them up a bit for our meal tonight.

11 Sept @IreneMyersPR Irene Myers @womersleyfoods doused fresh figs wrapped in parma ham with lime, black pepper and lavender vinegar and baked them. It worked:) mopuptime

4 Aug @lahoguefarm La Hogue farm Ok our *Coleslaw*-carrot, cabbage, onion, good plain mayonnaise >>then dressing of local honey, lemon juice, Womersley vinegar, wholegrain mustard & olive oil -only use a small amount of dressing ;0)

28 Jun@fly276 KC mmm, mini salad with Lime, black pepper & lavender vinegar dressing .. 2nd @WomersleyFoods vinegar I've enjoyed today!!

28 Jun@the_a_stevenson Andrew Stevenson Beetroot, roast garlic, horseradish relish seasoned with @WomersleyFoods lime-pepper-lavender vinegar Bunch of young Beetroot, 2 tbsp Stokes horseradish, 1 clove roast garlic, 1 tbsp mayo, 1 tbsp EVOO, 1 tbsp lime-lav. Approx.


22 June @RobGreenchef GREEN'S RESTAURANT #womersleywednesday Quick cured Salmon. Marinade thin slices of raw salmon in your fave fruit vinegar, toss with leaves. Bunch of young Beetroot, 2 tbsp Stokes horseradish, 1 clove roast garlic, 1 tbsp mayo, 1 tbsp EVOO, 1 tbsp lime-lav. Approx.

18 Jun@the_a_stevenson Andrew Stevenson Been playing w @womersleyfoods lime, pepper, lavender dressing for a while. Just found the killer use for it: on stir fried beetroot stems. All gone! But more beetroot in the wings. Stems & leaves chopped, fried in butter then good splash of the lime&lavender

6 Jun@HazelPaterson Hazel Paterson Summer Fennel Salad sexed up with a bit of love from @goodfork and @WomersleyFoods


29 May@fly276 KC @WomersleyFoods vinegar dressings! Yum. Use on fish too, chicken, ham, yorkshires & actually, just about Everything!

24 May@the_a_stevenson Andrew Stevenson Penne, carrots & parsnip roasted with @SeasonedPioneer dukkah spice, then all dressed with @womersleyfoods lime, lavender, black pepper 18 May John Rogers ‏@Chefscouse Curry oil finished with @WomersleyFoods lime dressing #fruity

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Well, what a year it has been! Highlights this year include awards, Olympics, our best year of sales ever, lots of shows, appearances on Radio, a successful trip to Scandinavia to launch our vinegars there and lots of plans in the pipeline for 2013....

We entered our Lime, Black Pepper & Lavender Vinegar into the Taste Awards this year and the judges awarded it Gold**, describing it as "drop dead gorgeous!" Also, we decided to enter our Raspberry Vinegar since this was the first one my father, Martin, ever made and a good Yorkshire tradition with your roast beef and Yorkshire puddings.

Much of the year was taken up for us with providing LOCOG with our vinegars. We feel that we did our small part for providing a lasting legacy, showcasing some of the best of what food this country has to offer and we are proud to have been invited to supply our vinegars.

It is always fun to contribute to radio food programmes and so I was delighted to be invited to appear on Vanessa Kimbell's show on BBC Radio Northampton as well as Bill Buckley's Radio Oxford slot. Both are delightful and entertaining hosts and we were also joined by "Great British Bake Off's" Urvashi Roe and food journalist Hazel Paterson. You can listen again to these on the radio widget on the right, numbers 4 and 5.

Our Wendy went to Copenhagen recently and we have already received our first order to supply to Denmark. This is particularly exciting for us, since our brand designs are deliciously Scandinavian and they sure know their fruit vinegars in that part of Europe. More news on this soon....

And the year has been rounded off very nicely by Theo Paphitis awarding us an SBS award on 23rd December: the day which would have been Martin's 74th Birthday.

Thank you to all of you who have kept up the fruity enthusiasm this year, we hope you will find plenty more to keep your imagination flowing next year.

We wish you a very happy and peaceful New Year.


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We are so delighted to report that our Raspberry Vinegar has been awarded Gold*** and Top50 in this year's Great Taste Awards and our Lime, Black Pepper & Lavender Vinegar has won Gold**


 This is a particularly special recognition since Raspberry is the first one we did, following a traditional recipe, as we still do to this day. And our Lime, Black Pepper & Lavender is perhaps the most inventive recipe with its' fascinating fragrant and sour blend. The Lime one is the favourites in our home as a marinade for chicken breasts prior to pan-frying. And Raspberry is just sublime blended with Rapeseed Oil to make the perfect salad dressing.
In honour of these awards, here is a fantastic new recipe for you:
Rhubarb and Raspberry Vinegar Pasties
with Smoked Wensleydale Cheese
by Josh Angell
200g Rhubarb, finely diced (Yorkshire Forced, if available)
1 Red Onion, finely diced
10ml Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil
100ml Womersley Raspberry Vinegar
75g Dark Brown Sugar
250g Puff Pastry
100g Oak Smoked Wensleydale Cheese
3 Egg Yolks
Pinch Salt and Pepper
50ml Womersley Blackberry Vinegar
25g Wholegrain Mustard
50ml Rapeseed Oil
Rocket or fresh salad leaf
Pinch Salt and Pepper
1.Heat the finely diced red onion and rhubarb in a heavy based pan with the 10ml of rapeseed oil
2.Sweat off the onion and rhubarb, adding the Womersley Raspberry Vinegar at this point; also add seasoning and the dark brown sugar
3.Continue to cook on a low heat for 1 hour, stirring occasionally
4.When the contents have turned to a chutney-like state, set aside and allow to cool gently
5.Pre-heat oven to 180˚C, place a sheet of greaseproof paper on a flat baking sheet and set aside
6.Flour a clean, dry surface and roll out the puff pastry; using a 10cm cutter, cut discs of the puff pastry
7.Cut the cheese into 5cm squares and place on half of the puff pastry discs; place a spoonful of the chutney onto the cheese and then an additional disc of puff pastry on top
8.Seal the discs together using a fork and place the finished pasties on the baking sheet
9.Use the egg yolks to wash the pasties before placing them into the pre-heated oven for 20 minutes or until golden brown.
10.Whilst your pasties are in the oven, make the dressing; take a glass bowl and mix the Blackberry vinegar and mustard, along with the seasoning. Slowly add the oil, stirring continually to avoid the dressing splitting
11.Remove your pasties from the oven
12.Take your rocket or other fresh leaf, and dress lightly with the dressing.
13.Assemble on the plate and place your pasties on top; if preferred place an additional spoon of the chutney on top
14.Enjoy with a crisp glass of chilled chardonnay for that extra treat
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Memories of the co-creator of Womersley, my father, Martin Parsons:

My brother, Richard, and I were both born in Melbourne, where we lived for the first few years of our lives. We had a lovely home and garden on Willesden Road in the suburb of Hughesdale. One of my vivid memories was the lemon tree our father planted in the middle of the lawn. While we lived there, Granny came to stay and was delighted to be able to pick a lemon from the tree for her gin and tonic. So, from then on, Richard and I referred to it as the Gin and Tonic tree...

Everyone who knew Martin will relate how he did rather like a drink or two and was always very hospitable. In his twenties, he set up the Pink Elephant Tie Club which only ever had very few members: the conditions of entry inevitably involved the consumption of a "couple" of drinks which, in Australia meant any number more than two and preferably considerably more. After work, he would call in at the now iconic Young and Jackson's bar opposite Flinders Street Station (not far to stagger for the train home) for a couple. Asked once if it was about time he went home for supper, he remarked that there was a (metaphorical) pork chop in every glass! And so it was, on the second anniversary of his death this week, that I decided to remember Fa (as Richard and I called him) with a couple of real pork chops bought from our local butcher within the nearby Garden Centre, Wyatts, tenderised in my favourite of Fa's creations, Lime, Black Pepper & Lavender. Oh, and it was all washed down with a bottle of Melbourne's beer, VB: hardly the best beer in the world, but from my home town, so it tastes special.

Victoria Bitter    

This year, we are privileged to have been selected as Food Heroes by fine wine merchants, House Of Townend, who have put a lovely photograph of Fa on their cover. This was actually a picture taken by Joan Russell for the feature in Yorkshire Life in 2010 and shows him with a huge basket of geranium leaves in his garden in Yorkshire. This is a particularly lovely story since one of Martin's greatest friends, with whom he went to Eton and did his National Service, is David Butler-Adams, Past Master of the Vintners Company (2000-1) and Consultant to House of Townend.

Martin Parsons. Photo by Joan Russell

David gave the address at Martin's very colourful funeral in 2010 and has kindly allowed us to share the notes of his words which are a fitting tribute to such a colourful character:

"Born at Nymans, the Messel home, on 23rd December 1938 in the snow! Often having a bad cough as a child, a hyssop bush was planted beneath his window, maybe the start of his love of herbs!
Aged 8, he was sent to Prep school at Summerfields in Oxford. From there, he progressed to Eton where four of us here today became good friends. We had stamp collecting and tennis in common as well as trying to do as little work as possible!
My first visit to Birr (the family home in Ireland), in the early 1950s, was unforgettable. Marts insisted on my taking some pills to stoop me getting ill from so much rish food! Footman behind every chair in the dining room, Connors (the butler) in charge and Hoysted driving the car. His Papa always charming and Mama quite strict as well as beautiful.
On leaving Eton, we found ourselves on the same train going to Caterham on my birthday, to join the Irish Guards at their National Service depot. Basic training was tough and I remember one evening Marts wanted to go to the loo. Permission had to be granted and Marts duly went the 100 yards down to the latrines. Half an hour later, no sign of him and I was sent to investigate... he had passed out from the fumes of the open anthracite fire lit to stop the pipes from freezing!
Martin received an injury which prevented him from completing his National Service. He went on to work at De Steins Merchant Bank for a while before moving to Australia in 1961 to join Consolidated Zinc in Melbourne. He followed this up with a nine year stint at Qantas, where he made all the travel arrangements for international medical conference delegates and during which Aline followed him out to Australia.
1964 saw a get together of friends and family in Ireland: how we managed to drink at Molly's Bar, return to the house where we had some of the famous Birr Cocktails then still had to make sense to Lady Rosse at dinner, I shall never know....
Martin and Aline were married at St Michael's, Chester Square in London, followed by a very pissy party!
They returned to Melbourne where Rupert was born in 1966 and Richard in 1968. Then, in 1972, Martin's aunt Bridget died, leaving her London home in Lennox Gardens to Martin. So the family moved back to London and, a year later, to Yorkshire. I remember well the barbecues in the snow.
In 1976, Martin, Aline and the boys moved to Womersley, the family home for many generations and still the home of Martin's grandmother, Lois de Vesci, who lived to the ripe old age of 101. The house was already in a poor state, with leaky roofs, but the kitchen garden allowed plenty of scope for Martin's botanical enthusiasm to finally be set free. Martin and Aline set up their Craft Shop and Herb Centre in 1979 and soon started making herb jellies and, eventually, fruit vinegars to a traditional Yorkshire recipe.
After years of trying to maintain the house, though, in 2004 it had to be sold and Martin and Aline moved to a far more manageable (and warmer) home nearby.
2009 saw Rupert take time out from his horology profession to take on running Womersley which was, by then, an exclusively food business.
Apart from Marts' great love and expertise in the field of herbs and plants, especially medicinal, the vinegars are still unbeatable.

You could not find a more generous, fun loving person who never complained. But, of course, like all of us, his secret of success was to find his adorable Aline who, against all odds, kept him on the straight and narrow and moved him out of "the fast line..."

Thank God for his 71 years, he will be sorely missed."

Martin in his Greenhouse, with one of his favourite Apache Chillies. Photo by Joan Russell

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Following on from Dean Railton's fantastic Sage and Onion Gibson recipe which won Yorkshire's inaugural Best Cocktail competition on August 1st, Chef Jason Rowe has come up with a really interesting twist on the traditional Mojito.
Jason owns the popular restaurant Dine on the Rowe in Beverley, makes some excellent brownies and was also one of the chefs who contributed to our demonstrations at Harrogate Flower Show in April. You can see him working in the kitchen on our You Tube page.
Mojitos are a particular favourite of mine since I did a charity cycle ride across Cuba in 2008 with a few chums. But it did mean that I do appreciate a really well made one. So I am delighted that Jason has pulled off such a cracking recipe using our Lime, Black Pepper and Lavender Vinegar Dressing.
Try it at home and let us know how you get on.

Womersley Mojito

50ml Gomme Syrup

25ml Lime, Black Pepper & Lavender Vinegar
Crushed Ice
Soda Water, to serve
50ml Doorley's White Rum
Lime Slices to serve
Lavender sprig
Black Pepper for the rim of the glass
In a cocktail shaker, add the syrup, Womersley Vinegar, ice and rum. Stir or shake thoroughly.
Take a slim jim glass and lime the edge of the glass; dip in crushed black pepper.
Pour the contents of the shaker, including the ice, into the glass.
Decorate with a slice of lime and a sprig of lavender if available.


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